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How to Make the Best Backpack Choice for your Child – Chiropractor in Pretoria

    How to Make the Best Backpack Choice for your Child chiropractor in Pretoria

    How to Make the Best Backpack Choice for your Child – Chiropractor in Pretoria

    Backpack and backs are not the best of friends although you have to wear these bags on your back as that’s the purpose. The bad thing about backpacks is that the heavier they are the worse they become for your back. Your Chiropractor in Pretoria can help you with advice and to alleviate a backache you may have as a result of long-term backpacks.

    Young kids are still in their growing phase, and with their developing bodies adding additional uneven weight can prove to be damaging in the long-run, leading to back pain and possibly other back issues. This brings us to what you need to know when selecting a most suitable backpack for your child.

    Keep it light – Chiropractor in Pretoria

    While some bags are made with robust heavy material for durability and long-wear, they add additional weight to the bag which simply pulls it down even more once the textbooks and stationery bits are added. Instead, have a look for bags that are made of light material which is easy to carry when packed.

    Comfort first

    Your child will be wearing this backpack for the duration of school and clearly it should be a comfortable fit for them. Quality and generous padding with wider straps for the shoulders are essential for a comfortable wear and better weight distribution.

    Even weight distribution – Chiropractor in Pretoria

    You should teach your child to wear their backpacks on both shoulders and not just one because the uneven weight distribution can lead to bad posture, shoulder and neck strain.

    Back padding is a plus

    Just as it is important for the shoulder straps to have sufficient padding, so too does the back region of the backpack. Some books and stationery have sharp edges that tend to poke along the sides and back, so with sufficient back padding, your child can wear their pack with extra comfort and support.

    Pack less – Chiropractor in Pretoria

    Teach your kid to avoid carrying unnecessary extra items in their backpack which will simply add to the weight factor. Paperback books are lighter than hardcovers and if the school has lockers, your child should use them for additional school books and items and avoid lugging a heavy load of items in their bag

    More storage

    While a simple one to two zip compartment may seem sufficient, having more compartments can help with better weight distribution for your child.

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