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What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Thoracic Spine Pain


    What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Thoracic Spine Pain

    The thoracic spine plays an important part in the entire spinal column in the middle section between the cervical spine (neck region) and lumbar spine (lower back). Thoracic spine pain can affect many people and in this post, we want to discuss what causes it and some treatment options. Your chiropractitioner in Centurion can help manage pain with drug-free treatment.

    What’s the function of the thoracic spine

    The thoracic spine forms part of our daily ability to move. However, bad posture can put unnecessary strain on this region of the back and it can lead to injuries and pain. Sometimes injuries such as a pinched nerve could wreak havoc on the patient. If you are suffering from spine pain, then speaking to your chiropractor in Centurion is very important.

    What causes spine pain?

    • Painful overworked muscles in the thoracic spine region
    • Vertebrae injuries
    • Damage to the vertebral discs
    • Wear and tear of cushioning between the vertebrae (with age)
    • Degenerative bone diseases

    What are the symptoms of spine pain?
    Some patients may experience some of the following symptoms if their spine is injured in some way:

    • A sharp stabbing pain in the thoracic spinal region
    • Radiating down the lower leg
    • Bending or trying to lift something
    • Pain that seems to subside when in a reclined position

    How can a Centurion chiropractor help?

    A chiropractitioner will first go over some checks and check medical history. The chiropractor may also take X-rays and do more tests to determine the root of the pain. Chiropractors take a non-invasive, non-drug approach to help patients and thus are great for all ages. Some treatment from a chiropractitioner includes but is not limited to:

    • Massage
    • Electrical stimulation
    • Hot and cold treatment
    • Stretches and exercise
    • Low force spinal adjustments

    A chiropractor deals with various pain-related concerns and will help you by creating a tailor-made treatment designed for your needs. Are you suffering from back pain that could be related to your thoracic spine? Make an appointment with Dr Vicki Ferreira today!

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