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What Is A DEXA Scan?


    What Is A DEXA Scan?

    A DEXA scan measures bone density especially in the case of patients suffering from osteoporosis. In today’s post, we want to discuss osteoporosis and how the DEXA scan works. The DEXA (dual x-ray and laser technology) scan will help see the condition of the patient’s bones. As already mentioned, the scan assesses the bones for density such as seen in patients with osteoporosis.

    What happens during a DEXA scan?

    Your practitioner will tell you the protocols for the scan which includes removing any jewellery before the scan. The scanner will proceed to move along the body or only the affected area such as arms and wrists. The scan results determine whether the patient’s bone density is too low or if it is normal or good.

    What is Osteoporosis and can a chiropractor help me?

    Osteoporosis is a medical term given for the condition related to porous bones. A patient suffering from this condition may risk bones becoming thin which could result in fractures and breaks. During an individual’s early 20s and mid 30s is the period of peak bone density. However, as we age this bone density changes and for some patients become brittle as a result of thinning bone mass. The most common places for an osteoporosis fracture are in the hip bone, spine, and wrist.

    Why see your chiropractor?

    Visiting a chiropractitioner sooner than later will help to determine if your bones are healthy. Some chiropractors use the this scan to get a better look at the condition of your bones and then start treatment to help improve the condition.

    Treatment may include the Cox Technique to help alleviate pressure on the bones of the spine. A chiropractor will also advise you about what exercises is suitable and best to help alleviate pain (if pain is present as in the case of Osteoarthritis). You may be able to perform these exercises during visits and on your own in the comfort of your home. Strengthening exercises will also help improve mobility.

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    FAQ: What Is A DEXA Scan

    What does a DEXA scan tell you?
    Detects weak or brittle bones

    How long does a this scan take?
    This scan can take 10-20 minutes

    Is a DEXA scan safe?
    Yes the dexa scans are very safe

    Can you eat before DEXA scan?
    Yes you can eat as normal on the day of the scan, but no calcium supplements at least 24 hours before the scan


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