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Chiropractor Centurion – Holiday Tips

    Chiropractor Centurion - Holiday Tips

    Chiropractor Centurion – Holiday Tips

    Holiday Tips to Prevent Injuring your Lower Back – Chiropractor Centurion

    It’s that time of year again. Everything is slowing down and everybody is getting ready for their well-deserved holiday. You are looking forward to resting and spending some quality time with your family and friends. Come chat to Dr. Vicki Ferreira – Chiropractor Centurion before you head off on your well deserved holiday for 2017.

    Family time is precious and spending those sunny afternoons next to the pool and braai with the kids is magic, However, this is also the time where most parents injure their back. Common injuries include lower back pain after picking up your kids and playing with them, swinging them around or walking for prolonged periods on the beach or in the malls. Neck pain can also arise from the “Christmas beds” in front of the television or from sleeping in a strange bed in your rental holiday home.

    For some people, the December holiday is the perfect time to fix everything around the house that you didn’t have time for during the year or to do some home DIY and renovations. This creates its own set of injuries such as neck and back pain from heavy lifting, shoulder pain from overhead movements such as cleaning the gutters, painting the ceiling or even knee pain from all the gardening.

    Luckily there are some things you can do to help prevent these injuries.

    Here are some tips from our Chiropractor Centurion to make sure neck and back pains don’t put a damper on your Christmas holiday

    1. When picking up your children or anything heavy such as luggage or boxes, make sure to lift it with your legs and not your back. When bending down to pick something or someone up, it is vital that your legs bend as you go down and NOT remain straight. This will ensure that the biggest part of the load is absorbed by your legs and not your back.
    2. After you have picked up the load, take care not to twist your upper body. This places a lot of pressure on your spinal discs and could cause severe pains.
    3. If you are driving to down to Durban or Cape Town, make sure your back is properly supported in your car seat and that you take regular breaks. This will ensure that your muscles don’t stiffen up and cause pain.
    4. Continue to stretch your neck and lower back after intense physical work to ensure that you cool down properly.

    These are just a few tips to help make this holiday pain-free. While you are getting ready to leave for holiday by checking the car and tyres, make sure to check your spine as well. If you are currently in pain or discomfort or simply wanting to make sure you don’t have any issues while on holiday, give us a call TODAY on 083 288 0679 to book an appointment.


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