Welcome to: Dr Vicki Ferreira Chiropractor in Centurion

Services – Chiropractor Centurion

    Your first visit: Chiropractor Centurion

    The first is usually 1 hour long. During this time, Dr. Vick – Chiropractor Centurion will take an in depth history as well as performing certain test to get to a diagnosis. Things taken into account include how, when and where the pain started,, any recent of previous trauma, family history as well as previous imaging studies done. If previous xrays, MRI/CT scans or other imaging studies were performed, please bring them along.

    Once we have a diagnosis, Dr. Vicki – Chiropractor in Centurion will explain the condition and treatment plan to you as well answer any questions you might have regarding your condition. This will be followed by soft tissue work and spinal manipulation.

    Your follow-up visits:

    These visits are shorter than the first visit and will include re-evaluation of your condition. This will include questions such as: how are you feeling, did the treatment help, did you experience any side-effect, ect. Honesty in encouraged as this will help us adjust our treatment plan, should it be necessary in order to get you back to your old self ASAP.

    Services provided:

      • Chiropractic manipulation techniques
      • Ischaemic compression
      • Dry needling
      • Active myofascial release
      • Soft tissue massage
      • Thermo- and cryotherapy
      • Cross friction
      • Stretching and strengthening exercises

    Cost of treatment: Chiropractor Centurion

    Dr. Vicki Ferreira is dedicated to providing you with effective and quality chiropractic care. The cost of treatment is according to medical aid rates in South Africa. We accept credit- and debit card as well as cash payments.
    We unfortunately do not accept RCS, fleet, AMEX, Diner’s club or American Express cards.

    Please note: We are contracted in with most Medical Aids. Cost of treatment comes out of your savings account.  If no funds or benefits are available, you are personally responsible for the full settlement of the account directly to Dr. Vicki Ferreira Chiropractic, even if you are covered by medical aid. You are more than welcome to pay your chiropractor in centurion and submit the invoice to your current medical aid after the treatment for reimbursement.