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5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Back – Chiropractor in Pretoria

    Chiropractor in Pretoria 5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Back

    5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Back – Chiropractor in Pretoria

    You may not realize it but the good health of your back plays a very important role in helping you maintain good posture and lessen the chances of developing back issues with age. Finding a good chiropractor in Pretoria can help you “iron” out those knots in your back that may be hindering your flexibility.

    A good chiropractor in Pretoria will agree that you can do certain things each day as part of your lifestyle to help maintain a healthy back. So with that being said, this blog will help you discover some of these aspects.

    Here are 5 great tips to achieve good back health – Chiropractor in Pretoria

    1 – Stretch, exercise and stay active
    Exercising regularly is a good way to maintain an overall healthy body.

    • By changing your position and being active during tasks can help you lessen the chances of straining your back
    • Stretching properly as part of exercise is a good way to maintain flexibility of your spine

    2 – Good way to be seated
    Being seated for a long period can strain your back, so try and bear these factors in mind:

    • Be seated keeping your knees and hips at the same level
    • Keep the computer monitor slightly below or exactly at eye-level
    • As with reading, you should maintain arms-length when viewing your PC screen
    • Sit with your posture straight up and add lumbar support if your seat does not have any
    • Your feet should touch the floor

    3 – Use your mobile phone with your back in mind
    When using your mobile phone for texting, make sure that your phone is at eye or chest level to prevent putting strain on your cervical spine.

    • Use a hands-free device with your mobile to avoid straining your arm and back while holding your it to your ear.

    4 – Lift carefully lifting
    It’s easy to make that mistake of lifting a heavy item incorrectly and this can take its toll on your back.

    • Always bend your knees when you lift and never lift from the waist
    • Never try and pick something up by yourself that is overly heavy
    • Keep the load close to your body as you lift to avoid straining your back

    5 – Avoid strain when driving
    When driving, you’re in a seated position all the time and if you’re driving for long periods, it could put a strain on your back.

    • Reclining your seat a bit could help avoid excess strain
    • Adjusting to the correct seat height will avoid you from having to crane your neck too much.
    • Extra lumbar support is best for long journeys

    If you’re suffering from a backache why not get a good chiropractor in Pretoria to help alleviate that pain. Call us today on +27 83 288 0679

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