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What Is A DEXA Scan?

A DEXA scan measures bone density especially in the case of patients suffering from osteoporosis. In today’s post, we want to discuss osteoporosis and how the DEXA scan works. The DEXA (dual x-ray and laser technology) scan will help see the condition of the patient’s bones. As already mentioned, the scan assesses the bones forRead more


What are the causes and treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder injuries are painful and in many cases, may be debilitating. Sometimes repetitive motion and lifestyle choices can lead to muscle injury and stiffness. If you suspect that you have frozen shoulder, seek help from a Centurion chiropractor. What is frozen shoulder and can I see seek a chiro in Centurion for help? FrozenRead more


What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Thoracic Spine Pain

The thoracic spine plays an important part in the entire spinal column in the middle section between the cervical spine (neck region) and lumbar spine (lower back). Thoracic spine pain can affect many people and in this post, we want to discuss what causes it and some treatment options. Your chiropractitioner in Centurion can helpRead more

7 Benefits Seeing A Chiropractor

7 Benefits Seeing A Chiropractor

All over the world, patients suffer from joint and muscle pain. Some patients ask themselves the question “can a chiropractor straighten my spine?” Many folks don’t have a good posture and as a result, it causes aches and puts a strain on certain joints and muscles which results in frequent pain. Here are the benefitsRead more


Minding Your Posture With Chiropractic: The 101 guide to ergonomics, is it all that important?

Have you given your posture much thought of late? What about if you’re a person who does heavy manual labour or drive long distance as part of your job? Certain things we do such as moving our bodies to do daily tasks and things we do at work like driving or long hours in frontRead more

Chiropractic For Preventative Care

Chiropractic For Preventative Care: How your Chiropractor can help YOU

All over the world, people are actively working towards a healthier lifestyle. With that being said, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), a report in 2016 suggests that the average lifespan of an individual is 72.0 years. This is positive, as some years ago; the average lifespan was less than that. This is madeRead more

Chiropractic Treatment can Benefit Children

Did you Know that Chiropractic Treatment can Benefit Children

Did you know that chiropractic treatment can benefit children just as it does adults? Of course, the treatment process and techniques are not the same for children as they are compared to adults and even babies for that matter. Your chiropractor in Lyttelton can assist your child’s health through chiropractic treatment. How is my chiropractorRead more

5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Athletes

5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Athletes

Athletes need to bear their form and fitness levels in mind constantly. While regular exercise, training and a healthy diet are perfect, we will discuss how a chiropractor in Centurion can benefit too. We know how crucial it is to be in fit form all the time, but this isn’t always possible when injuries occur.Read more

5 Tips To Safeguard Your Back This Festive Season: From your chiro in Centurion

With the festive season looming we all know how it gets. Your days look like a crazy scramble to pack for the holidays, tying up the last bits of tasks at work, and not forgetting the family and travel arrangements. It’s easy to develop a back injury at this time of the year. If youRead more

Baby to a Chiropractor Centurion

Benefits of Taking Your Baby to a Chiropractor Centurion

You may not have given it much thought, but taking your baby to a chiropractor is as beneficial to your little one as it would be to you. You can help your baby sleep peacefully; improve nursing, and the overall health of your child. Chiropractic has been used for many years and has undergone numerousRead more