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6 GREAT Tips on How to Be Seated In front of a Computer Chiropractor in Pretoria

6 GREAT Tips on How to Be Seated In front of a Computer - Chiropractor in Pretoria

6 GREAT Tips on How to Be Seated In front of a Computer Chiropractor in Pretoria

Having poor posture in front of the computer is one of the main cause of backache. The pain can often occur in the cervical spine region, the shoulders as well as in the lumbar or lower back area. How many times have you felt you’re much overdue for that massage to loosen the tension? A good chiropractor in Pretoria can help you get some of those kinks out of your back as well as advice you on better choices when it comes to training your body to maintain a good posture every day.

While stress can cause tension of the muscles in the back, so too can a bad posture, which can lead to poor health conditions such as:

  1. Chronic back pain
  2. Headaches
  3. Shoulder and wrist pain
  4. Sciatic pain down the leg

A good chiropractor in Pretoria will gladly advise you on healthier ways to take care of your back such as working on a better posture and computer placement.

Try the following 6 tips when working on your computer:


  • Adjust your computer screen – Make sure that the computer screen is a good distance from your eyes and at eye-level. Looking up at a screen can cause terrible strain on your neck and shoulders. This is could result in a straightening of your neck and headaches.

  • Use a typist chair – Prolonged use of a regular chair that doesn’t feature the support you need will result in bad and slouched posture. A lumbar cushion or another form of lumbar support attachment for your chair can help reduce strain on your lower back in which will improve or maintain a good posture for you. Your chair should also be adjusted to the correct height to allow your feet to be flat on the floor. Typist chairs often feature correct support.

  • Keyboard adjustment – Make sure that it is set at a height that allows you to relax your shoulders. The tilt feature of a keyboard can be useful depending on your seating position.

  • Take a break – It’s extremely important to take breaks in-between as you need to not only rest your eyes from your computer but also allow good blood circulation from having been seated for long. Go for a short walk or get up and do an activity other than having to be seated. It is sometimes helpful to set a screen reminder to stand up every 45 minutes to an hour. The break doesn’t always need to be long; simply standing up and then sitting down will already make a big difference.

  • Positioning documentation and glare – Reading material at your computer desk should be positioned properly to avoid straining your neck and back. You should also try to avoid glare as this will automatically cause you to try and position yourself in a way to reduce the glare. Use anti-glare screens and spectacles and reduce direct light on your screen.

  • Standing desks – Standing desks allow you to work more productively as it can minimize strains placed on the lower back. It is important though that when standing at your desk you ensure that there is an even weight distribution between your hips. There are good Chiropractor in Pretoria professionals that can help you achieve the best for the good health of your back.



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