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To Crack or Not to Crack: 101 on Cracking Your Back – Chiropractor Pretoria

    To Crack or Not to Crack 101 on Cracking Your Back - Chiropractor Pretoria

    To Crack or Not to Crack: 101 on Cracking Your Back – Chiropractor Pretoria

    It’s common to crack your back and sometimes it can happen naturally when you’re stretching in certain yoga poses for instance, however, when it happens, it always gives a sense of relief. So, is it ok to go ahead and crack your back? Your chiropractor Pretoria is professional, experienced and an expert in back health issues.

    What happens when I crack my back? Your chiropractor Pretoria sheds some light on this subject.

    When we crack our backs, we stretch the muscles inside it and gases are released from our joints inside the vertebra. Some people may not hear the actual “pop”, while others would. When we release the tension and gas build-up in our backs it results in the crack you experience. This tightness builds up over time as a result of stress and tension of day-to-day activities.

    On the “chemistry” side, because our spines are also made up of sensory nerves, the ones that send messages to your brain may cause it to be interpreted as if the crack released tension, resulting in that “better” feeling. This is why back cracking can become quite “addictive” to some.

    Is it OK to crack my back? Can my chiropractor Pretoria help?

    Yes and no. While it’s ok to crack your back occasionally, it may result in you becoming reliant on that “crack” for your back to feel better. Chronic back cracking can result in the joints becoming irritated with time and this can cause additional discomfort and pain later on. You could also strain yourself twisting and maneuvering your body into position to self-crack, and if someone else other than a trained professional such as a chiropractor do it for you, they may cause you to get hurt.

    Medical tests, scans, and X-rays may help discover the core reason as to why your back feels the way it does and the constant need to crack it. Sometimes problems like arthritis in the facet joints of the spine as well as spinal misalignment could be the reasons for the discomfort that you feel in your back.

    Your professional chiropractor Pretoria will not only get you closer to learning what the cause of this issue may be but also help you with the most suitable stretches to improve range and flexibility.

    Seeking professional help from a chiropractor Pretoria may help to alleviate some of the pain and discomfort in a natural, healthy way as opposed to drugs and other OTC medications. Contact your certified chiropractor Pretoria to book your consultation.
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