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Can a Chiropractor Pretoria Straighten My Hunchback?

    Can a Chiropractor Pretoria Straighten My Hunch Back

    Can a Chiropractor Pretoria Straighten My Hunchback?

    Kyphosis or better known as a hunchback is an abnormality that results in the spine not being able to be in a straight position. Instead, the person is hunched over forwards and later a hump develops. Hunchbacks are fairly common and even sitting in a bad position in front of your computer can cause it to develop. Therefore, your trusted chiropractor Pretoria (Joint Health Chiropractic) is dedicated to helping your body heal naturally. The chiropractor will assess whether the “hunch” or “kyphosis” is caused by poor posture or another health condition.

    If it’s caused by poor posture then yes, chiropractic treatment could help reduce the hump. If the problem is because of another health condition then it may take surgery and chiropractic to help.  If it isn’t caused by bad posture but instead an actual bend in the spine, then treatment may help but may not completely reduce the prominence of the bend. Chiropractor for hunchback treatment may also help reduce the pain associated with kyphosis.

    What causes a hunchback? Chiropractor Pretoria

    As mentioned, a humped back can be as a result of years of poor posture when seated, standing or walking. However, some patients suffer from a hunchback as a result of Scheuermann’s Disease. It is an abnormal growth in the upper thoracic spinal region. Spinal curvatures can also occur due to trauma to the spine. .

    The spine bears a huge responsibility in helping your body to balance, as well as supporting your body weight and mobility. Sometimes, however, this mechanical alignment and structure can become misaligned and can result in a hump or hunching.

    Kyphosis can be caused for various reasons, including:

    Chiropractor for hunchback treatment

    An experienced chiropractor may aim to achieve the following when treating spinal curvature and this includes but not limited to:

    • Reduce muscle spasms
    • Reduce inflammation in the spine and curvature region
    • Improve range and motion
    • Reduce or slow down the process of degeneration as a result of the curvature (cause)
    • Maintain and try to improve spinal health in the condition

    Treatment types

    1. Spinal manipulation techniques – your chiro may use certain techniques to establish the extent of joint restriction. Stimulation of the soft muscle tissue may help improve nervous system function.
    2. Flexion distraction – this is a gentle “non-thrusting” technique that specifically targets kyphosis-related situations. It may improve motion and range.
    3. Manipulation with instruments – special chiropractic instruments is used to apply pressure minus thrust into the spine.

    Will my chiropractor Pretoria help me?

    Visiting your licensed chiropractor Pretoria is a step in the right direction when it comes to taking care of your back. You’ll be advised of the safest, most effective stretches and exercises to carry out on your own. These stretches will help straighten your back and also reduce the “hunch”. Your chiropractor will diagnose the level of chiropractic treatment based on the severity of your situation.

    For some patients, a hunchback is hereditary, but preventative chiropractic treatment can help to alleviate and even avoid this issue.
    Other kyphosis treatment options

    If your chiropractor is not able to help you reduce the effects of kyphosis then you possibly need further medical attention. Sometimes a brace is needed to be worn, especially in developing children as this can help straighten a more severe kyphosis disorder.


    Sometimes in severe cases, surgery is the only solution to help straighten the patient’s back, especially when stretches and medication aren’t helping and the curvature is prominent. Surgery is also considered when the curvature is preventing the patient from performing regular tasks or if it is inhibiting the body from functioning in a healthy manner such as being able to breathe or disrupting the nervous system. Spinal fusion is one of the surgical treatments the doctor will perform for pronounced kyphosis.

    Keeping your back and spine healthy is an ongoing journey, so practicing healthy stretches and leading a healthy lifestyle will greatly assist in preventing certain health issues. Your chiropractor will assess your situation and advise on treatment to help. Treatment is different for every patient and it depends on how bad the curvature as well as the cause. Contact Dr Vicki Ferreira to book a consultation.y.

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    FAQ – Can a Chiropractor Pretoria Straighten My Hunchback?

    Can a chiropractor fix a hunchback?
    Yes your Chiropractor will be able to reduce your kyphosis and treat the stiffness and the pain.

    Can a chiropractor straighten my back?
    Chiropractor will not be able to straighten your back 100% but will be able to loosen the vertebrae to help relieve some pain

    Is there surgery for hunchback?
    The surgery typically used for kyphosis is known as Osteotomy

    Can a dowager’s hump be corrected?
    All depends on your age and how server the case is. Sometimes you can reverse or improve this problem

    How long does it take to correct bad posture?
    In as little as one month (30 days) as research has been shown it takes 3-8 weeks to form a routine