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Your Chiropractor in Centurion Can Help Solve Upper Back Problems

    Your Chiropractor in Centurion Can Help Solve Upper Back Problems

    Your Chiropractor in Centurion Can Help Solve Upper Back Problems

    Upper back pain and issues can be experienced by anybody, but if you’re not inclined to the continual use of painkillers and would like a more natural way to solve the issue, your trusted chiropractor in Centurion can assist you.

    Nobody likes to experience pain, but sometimes daily activities and even work situations can cause individuals to experience back pain. In this post, your chiropractor in Centurion discusses upper back pain.

    What is Upper Back Pain? Centurion in Chiropractor

    Upper back pain is a pain felt within the upper region of the back, it can sometimes also radiate from the neck or cervical region downward along the trapezius muscles. Despite the upper back being more resistant to strains and injury as opposed to other areas; it can still become sore due to a number of reasons.

    What Causes Upper Back Pain and Can My Chiropractor in Centurion Assist me?

    As mentioned before, back pain can affect anyone and can be caused by a number of reasons including a patient’s lifestyle and others may be due to prolonged poor posture as well as injury. Here are some reasons why you may be suffering from back pain:

    • Joint dysfunction – Natural ageing of joints with years or an injury that speeds up the process. Joint dysfunction can be very painful and some patients are then treated for joint capsule tearing or facet joint dysfunction, depending on test findings and examinations.
    • Muscular irritation – Muscles can become irritated due to a lack of strength or injuries and poor posture.
    • Illness – Sometimes illness can cause upper back pain and cause spinal instability. This can also result in pain as a result of root nerve damage or it can influence the spinal cord.

    Treatment for Back Pain, Can Chiropractors in Centurion Help?

    The best chiropractor in Centurion is skilled and highly trained and has studied various aspects related to the human back, spine and nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate the pain associated with the upper back and sometimes it takes a few sessions to achieve optimal results. However, in server cases of upper back pain, the patient may need to undergo surgery to improve the situation.

    More treatment for upper back pain

    • OTC medication such as anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxants
    • Muscle rubs
    • Ice packs
    • Stretches

    Consult one of the best chiropractors in Centurion for help managing back pain and improving your overall health. Book your consultation today!

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