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Back Doctors For Everyday Back Pain


    Back Doctors For Everyday Back Pain


    Chiropractors are known as back doctors simply because they treat people with bad backs. People with back aches, scoliosis and back injuries have found relief after treatment by a back doctor.

    A chiropractor’s aim is to improve a patient’s health by focussing on the areas of the muscles, skeleton and nerves. Especially the adjustments they make to your spinal column during a treatment are believed to be beneficial. Their area of expertise is not of a surgical nature neither do they prescribe medication although they will you refer you to a medical practitioner if they think you should get prescriptive drugs.

    Many people injure their backs in accidents; it can be in a car accident or it can be by lifting heavy equipment. As such they can endure a lot of pain at times. A visit to a back doctor can bring considerable relief.
    Back doctors are medically trained, they study for 6 years and their training is of a high standard. After they have completed their studies they obtain a Masters Degree in Chiropractic. They must be registered and are regulated by the relevant authorities, in South Africa the professional representative body is CASA. They must also adhere to a code of conduct and comply with standards as prescribed by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.
    They use manual therapy to achieve the desired results – this includes manipulation of joints, soft tissue and of course the spine. They are in an ideal position to prescribe different forms of exercises to maintain or treat a specific condition. They also make use of massage techniques, ice therapy and moist heat as well as supplements, herbal remedies and acupuncture. They subscribe to a healthy lifestyle and stress the importance of a proper diet, not smoking and regular exercise.

    Conditions that benefit from chiropractic treatment include headaches, neck pain or whiplash and low back pain. Treatment by a trained professional is safe, quick and cost effective and their methods of treating the musculoskeletal system are non-invasive. Many medical aids cover treatment by a registered practitioner.


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