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How to Bend Properly: Pro Chiropractor Pretoria Tips!

    How to Bend Properly Pro Chiropractor Pretoria Tips!

    How to Bend Properly: Pro Chiropractor Pretoria Tips!

    Posture, range, and flexibility play a huge role in whether or not you’ll feel pain or straining while trying to bend. So, learning how to bend properly goes a long way on improving overall health for your back. Contact your chiropractor Pretoria for great tips and advice. In this post, we discuss how to bend properly and avoid pain and injury.

    How to bend properly – Chiropractor in Pretoria

    Bending shouldn’t be difficult, but many people bend incorrectly and end up getting hurt during or after the process. Practice these pointers every time you bend

    1) Don’t lift your heels while bending

    Make sure that your feet remained flat on the floor during the duration of the bend.

    2) Bend your knees – Chiropractor Pretoria

    When bending your knees, move them forwards so that they’re hovering above your feet, this means bending your knees into a deeper squat, reducing strain on the lumbar spine.

    3) From the hips forward

    Make sure to bend from your hips forwards, in that way you won’t put too much stress on your spine during the bend.

    What are the benefits of bending properly?

    When we bend correctly, we reduce the chances of injury and pain. Bending properly also increases the following benefits:

    1. Makes bending more comfortable and easier to achieve
    2. Bending in the proper way increases strength to your core muscles
    3. When you bend properly, you increase the ability to pick up heavier objects without causing injury, while increasing stability.
    4. Improving the way you bend, will help to improve other body movements.
    Your chiropractor in Pretoria shares what exercises can help you reduce back pain

    Many people suffer pain when they bend forward to stand for too long and may not even know the true reasons why. However, the reasons for experiencing pain can be as a result of several aspects including injury as well as tight muscles. You can reduce the pain you feel in your back by practicing preventive exercises such as the following:

    Knee to chest stretch

    While lying on your back bring your knee back towards your chest with toes pointing upwards, hold the position for 20 seconds and then release and straighten the leg to normal position.

    Lying knee twist

    In the lying knee twist, you’ll lie with your leg extended straight, after that you’ll gradually bend the knee upward and then cross it toward the opposite side of your body. This stretch strengthens the paraspinal muscles within the back. Hold the position for 20 seconds and then repeat with the opposite knee.

    Piriformis seated stretch

    The Piriformis stretch is often used to help treat sciatica. In the stretch, you’ll cross the left over the right leg until your foot is next to your thigh, with the opposite leg tucked toward your buttocks. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds then switch legs.

    Apart from the above stretches, you could also learn yoga poses that include “The Restful Pose” or also known as “restful child’s pose”, “the cobra” and “the cow/cat pose”.

    Speak to your chiropractor Pretoria for even more information and to book your consultation.

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