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Top Tips to Keep Your Spine as Healthy as Possible – Chiropractor in Centurion

Top Tips to Keep Your Spine as Healthy as Possible - Chiropractor in Centurion

Top Tips to Keep Your Spine as Healthy as Possible – Chiropractor in Centurion

Our spine plays a vital role in our body’s mobility and keeping it healthy and strong is a good way to help maintain proper function throughout our lives. Ask any chiropractor in Centurion and all over the world for that matter, spine health is positively important whether you’re young or old. This can be achieved by good exercise, stretches and maintaining correct posture. In this post, we have a look at some great tips on how to maintain good spine health.

Sleep well- Chiropractor in Centurion

You may not have considered this but the bed and mattress you use are very crucial to the wellbeing of your spine because you need the additional support while you’re sleeping. So memory foam mattresses are good along with a memory foam pillow to help maximize the support of your spine and neck while you’re lying down. Natural latex, microcoils, and gel-infused mattresses will also serve your back well and support a backache.

Exercise and stretch pros

Did you know that certain exercise and stretches help support your spine? The core is important for maintaining and improving stability as well as stability. Core exercises focus on the hips, pelvis, lower back, and abdomen and may include back and front workouts using an exercise ball, as well as reverse crunches.
Stretching poses used in yoga can greatly help support the health of your spine. You can take your time to learn the boat pose (Paripurna Navasana), cat pose (Marjaryasana), bow pose (Dhanursana) and the cobra pose (Bhujangasana) to name a few.

Footwork – Chiropractor in Centurion

Shoes play as important a role as mattresses and exercising. Since our shoes are the very items we wear each day, they help our feet work in sync with our legs and thus lead to efficient balance along with our spines. High-heels are not always the best bet especially when worn for extended hours. Shoes should provide adequate support and not be completely flat-soled either.

Seating time

Having a seat is good for you as it will give your legs a break from holding the weight of your body. However, your spine bears a lot of body weight too and if you don’t have the proper support in your chair, you could end with a painful back. You should never sit in the same position for too long because this will also limit blood flow and cause strain, especially without support.

If you’re suffering from back problems or simply wish to start maintaining a healthier back and spine, why not pay your chiropractor Centurion a visit and let us help you solve any problems related! Give us a call today on 083 288 0679

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