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Helping Your Baby Manage Colic Through Professional Chiropractic Care

    Helping Your Baby Manage Colic

    Helping Your Baby Manage Colic Through Professional Chiropractic Care

    Seeing your baby cry and cry for several hours can be extremely discouraging for any parent, and if you’re a new parent the experience can be even worse. Chiropractors in Pretoria can Help your baby manage colic.

    What is colic?

    Colic is the term used to describe the symptoms experienced and related to the stomach. These may include gas not being able to pass freely, constipation, allergies to milk or formula, or simply sensitive tummies. New babies especially are prone to experiencing colic.

    The symptoms of colic explained by your chiropractor

    Colic is recognised by several telltale symptoms, which include the following:

    • Intense loud crying for sometimes more than 3 hours at a time
    • Crying is often inconsolable and can occur absolutely any time
    • The baby may pull his/her legs up towards their chest or even extend their legs
    • He or she may arch their back while they cry
    • They may have a flushed/red face while they cry
    • Baby may pass a lot of gas

    Some studies have shown that colic is common in babies from their 4th week and for some these symptoms can progress well into 6 months. Other babies may only experience a “brief encounter” with colic.

    How does a chiropractor help?

    A professional and experienced chiropractor is able to get to the core of the problem and not simply treat symptoms. Because the birthing process is so traumatic, many babies are born with a misaligned spine. This alone can lead to many complications including the colic period. When seated in a pram, car, or carry seat for too long it can add to that misaligned spine. Chiropractors are very trained and experienced when it comes to pediatrics and use a different type of adjustment suited to their tiny bodies.

    Other factors to help your baby find relief from discomfort include the following

    • A good diet suited to them (paying attention to possible allergies)
    • Massages for the baby helps to nurture and help them to relax
    • Having them close to you through skin on skin bonding (kangaroo care) and wearing them in a carry chair is a good way to keep them calm, secure, and loved

    Speak to your chiropractor Pretoria to book an appointment and for more information.

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