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Lower Back Pain Causes And Treatment

Lower Back Pain Causes And Treatment

Lower Back Pain Causes And Treatment

Lower back pain can have many causes. Infection in the pelvic or stomach area, such as kidney, bladder or ovarian infection, can cause pain to refer to the lower back. When the infection has been treated with anti-biotics and the condition has cleared, then the low back pain will also disappear.

Everyday living can cause lower back pain; it all depends on how you twist, lift and bend. You should bend your knees when you want to lift an object from the floor; if you bend at the waist you put strain on the back. It is also important to position yourself correctly in front of the object you want to lift. Other causes of lower back pain can be trauma, chemical imbalances and stress; many are due to motor car accidents.

When you visit a chiropractor in Centurion he/she will suggest exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic, the back and the spine. He will also tell you to sleep on your side on a firm mattress with your knees bent, if you want to sleep on your back, put a pillow behind your knees. Chiros will discuss your lifestyle with you and suggest changes if necessary. If you need to lose weight, they will suggest a diet plan, obesity puts an enormous strain on a back, and if the back has already been injured it is twice as bad.

Chiropractors in Centurion will stress the importance of a good posture – stand tall and sit up straight.  Do not sit still for hours on end and definitely not in one position for more than an hour. Do not slump in front of a computer and do diaphragm breathing to relax tense muscles in the body.

The treatment for lower back pain is mechanical adjustments to the spine. Nerves travel down the spine and by relieving the pressure in the spine, the nerve paths are opened and normal messages can travel from the brain to the rest of the body. This helps the body to perform at optimal levels and pain will reduce.

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