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What causes neck pain? What are the symptoms and treatment options?

    Neck Pain

    What causes neck pain? What are the symptoms and treatment options?

    Neck pain is one of the many pains that patients suffer from on a regular basis. Suffering from any type of pain can be debilitating and can put a damper on anything you try to do each day. Getting to the root of the pain is what chiropractors in Centurion focus on.

    What is neck pain and can your chiro in Centurion help?

    This is pain felt in the neck or cervical spine region. It’s commonly caused due to poor posture when sleeping or sitting. Osteoarthritis and bone or muscle degeneration can also lead to chronic pain. Sometimes this occurs due to an injury, whiplash, and nerve compression. Getting help sooner than later is the best option to tackle pain before it progresses into something worse. The good news is that a chiropractic treatment can help.

    What are the symptoms of neck pain?
    The following are just some of the common symptoms patients experience when they suffer from neck pain:

    • Difficulty moving your head without the pain
    • Headaches
    • Sometimes the pain increases when the head is positioned in a certain way
    • Muscle stiffness
    • Some patients also experience spasms in the neck region

    Treatment for neck pain by your chiropractor in Centurion

    It’s very common to reach for the over the counter medication when it comes to pain. Some patients need a stronger painkiller to help manage severe chronic neck pain. Other treatment includes ice or heat compressions. Chiropractic is a safe option and suited to all ages. What’s more, is that your chiropractor can help you with stretches and exercise that you could later do in the comfort of your home. With time, the treatment should help to reduce the pain helping patients to manage better and eventually be able to lead more of a pain-free life.

    Do you suffer from neck pain? Speak to your chiropractor in Centurion Pretoria and she will discuss a treatment plan suited to your needs.

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