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Chiropractic Treatment for Colic In Babies

    Chiropractic Treatment for Colic In Babies

    Chiropractic Treatment for Colic In Babies

    Colic isn’t uncommon in newborns and young babies. You can recognise the symptoms when a new baby cries constantly. Oftentimes hearing their babies cry is heart breaking for parents. This can seem scarier for new parents since the whole experience is unknown to them.

    Colic can also cause frustration and a sense of helplessness in parents because they are not sure what is happening. This, along with the stress of pregnancy and the birth of the baby can lead to depression or even “postpartum” too, especially in mothers.

    Knowing the signs of colic will help parents to respond and take the steps in trying to ease the discomfort of their baby. Chiropractors can help by providing safe treatment to help calm babies. This may decrease the bouts of constant crying, and at the same time, helping parents understand and learn more about certain techniques to apply at their home.

    What is colic In Babies? Your chiropractor Pretoria advises

    Colic is the name given to describe the uncontrolled bouts of crying that young babies experience. This can happen during the day or night and can carry on for hours and even days for some. There are a few possible reasons why babies become colicky, and getting help to alleviate the problem will benefit the baby and parents. 

    The term “colic” is from Greek ancestry deriving from the word “kolikos” which is known as or related to the colon/stomach/intestine/gut and so on. As mentioned earlier, colic “happens” to most babies, no matter their gender.

    While the root cause of colic in babies is unknown, sometimes it’s the result of gastric reflux. When the baby experiences discomfort in their bellies due to winds or not being burped enough, it could cause crying due to the discomfort.

    Other possible causes for colic in babies include

    Although the cause remains unknown, monitoring babies who cry in this manner could mean that they could be experiencing starts and stops of abrupt pain within their bellies.

    • Colic can be caused due to an upset stomach
    • Sometimes it happens due to pressure build-up inside their intestines causing discomfort
    • Acid reflux causing discomfort
    • Sometimes the baby has an allergic reaction to substances in breast milk or formula
    • Gas
    • Stomach muscle spasms
    • Hormones that may result in tummy aches or general fussiness
    • Being sensitive to noises and light
    • Mixed emotions (fear, excitement, frustration)

    Those are just some of the possibilities, however, the reasons for colic is not limited to those mentioned.  Some signs to look out for when a baby possibly has colic include but are not limited to the following:

    • Clenched fists while crying
    • Crying pitch may be higher than usual
    • The baby may sometimes pull their legs up to their tummy
    • The baby’s stomach may feel hard
    • Baby may arch their back while crying
    • Flushed face while crying

    The doctor would ask what symptoms your baby is having to establish a clear diagnosis. Sometimes the tests involved include a physical examination, listening to the baby’s heartbeat as well as sounds in their stomach and lungs. These amongst other tests will help to rule out any possible underlying health conditions.

    Can a skilled chiropractor Pretoria cure colic in my baby?

    There isn’t a cure for colic, but there are ways in which to manage it better.

    • Always burp your baby after feeding
    • Hold your baby as much as possible (skin on skin is very nurturing)
    • Mother’s must be mindful of their own diet (in case there are allergies or reactions when nursing the baby)
    • Gently rub baby’s tummy in a clockwise motion
    • Lay baby on her back and gently move the legs toward chest as if in peddling motion

    For moms breastfeeding babies, be mindful of what you eat. Foods like onions, caffeine, dairy, and “gassy” foods may irritate a baby’s stomach.

    Creating “white noise” is another good way to help your baby calm down and reduce the frantic crying. To do this, you can let the vacuum cleaner run in another room as you soothe your baby. Rocking your baby in a steady motion is another excellent way to calm the crying, and pairing it with a hummed lullaby, even better. You can do this with or without white noise in the next room.

    Use swaddling to your advantage. With a swaddle blanket, wrap your baby snug yet comfortable. This could give the sensation of being inside the womb and may instil a sense of security to your baby.

    Moms and dads must be patient and stay positive as a constant crying baby can cause a parent to feel depressed. Chiropractic treatment can help the baby to pass some of the gas build-up in their intestines. Taking your baby to a trusted chiropractor Pretoria sooner will help to reduce the discomfort earlier than later.

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