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Routine chiropractic care to ease shoulder & elbow pain-Chiro in Centurion

    Routine chiropractic care to ease shoulder and elbow pain - Chiro in Centurion

    Routine chiropractic care to ease shoulder & elbow pain-Chiro in Centurion

    In life no matter how careful, sometimes injuries are still bound to occur because of work or a certain lifestyle. The body is made up of tissue, muscles, and nerves amongst other and these can sometimes become irritated or result in pain. When suffering from shoulder and elbow pain, your chiro in Centurion is able to help alleviate that pain. Give the Chiro in Centurion a call TODAY.

    What causes shoulder and elbow pain? – Chiro in Centurion

    Shoulder and elbow pain is caused through various aspects and is experienced by children, adolescents, and adults of all ages. When a patient experiences elbow and shoulder pain, it is often a form of bursitis, which causes inflammation around the joints. These can affect the shoulders, chest area, hips, and knees and affect the soft tissue within these regions.

    Shoulder injuries can happen during sports or high-impact physical activity. Oftentimes the the injury, if not treated properly, could result in long-term pain. A chiropractor sees many patients dealing with joint and muscle pain. Chiropractic treatment for elbow pain and shoulder pain is effective and safe.

    Possible reasons for shoulder pain

    Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
    This is one of the major causes of shoulder and elbow pain. This pain occurs due to repetitive motion which results in inflammation and pain when moving the hand or the palm of the hand.

    Causes for tennis elbow shoulder pain
    Physical sports like playing tennis and gripping and hitting a ball with the racquet in a repetitive manner. It can also occur as a result of wear and tear of the joints and muscles inside the forearm. But tennis elbow can also occur if a person is seated in a position in front of a computer or a desk for a long period of time.

    Frozen elbow (adhesive capsulitis)
    Frozen shoulder is the condition, that as its name suggests, causes limited motion including pain in the shoulder’s ball and socket. Scar tissue formulates and it restricts movement.

    Causes for frozen elbow
    Oftentimes the causes are unknown, but many people experience a sudden loss of motion within their elbow. Some chiropractors also notice that certain patients get a sudden onset while others have a gradual occurrence of the condition.

    Rotator cuff injury
    Rotator cuff injury is another major factor leading to shoulder and elbow pain. This injury causes pain whether the patient is resting or attempting to move or lift their arm.

    Causes for rotator cuff injury
    While there are degenerative causes like natural wear and tear of these joints and tendons, there is also the part where an injury plays a role. When picking up something overhead and that is accompanied by a “jerky” motion, it can through out the rotator cuff leading to inflammation.

    Causes of pain and basic treatment from a chiro in Centurion

    As mentioned before the patient’s lifestyle can result in inflammation such as the following:

    • Work or play that results in injuries to these joints and tissues
    • Bad posture
    • Stress and pressure applied to these regions as a result of a disorder or dysfunction
    • Arthritis
    • An unusual reaction to drug use
    • Infections

    Some symptoms chiropractic patients with elbow pain and shoulder pain often experience

    • Pins and needles
    • Numbness
    • Pain
    • Dysfunction

    How does a Chiro in Centurion help with this problem?

    Chiropractors are very exceptional and some of the best chiropractors in Centurion have many years of experience learning how to ease the pain in the body by aligning the spine. Misalignment of the spine can often cause the body to react in a negative manner that even disrupts emotions on certain levels. Often with regular chiropractic adjustments, many aches and pains are managed so patients can lead a more pain-free life.

    Chiropractic care is a more permanent solution to pain management. Routine chiropractic care from your best chiro in Centurion can help the muscles and tissues to become more relaxed and improve functionality.

    Alternative but temporary pain management includes a cold or warm compress placed on the elbow or shoulder periodically throughout the day to relieve pain.

    Advantages of consulting a chiro in Centurion

    Chiropractic care is a great solution for patients looking for a safe way to treat ailments that are ongoing or prolonged without resorting to OTC meds. Patients can benefit with chiropractic treatment from the following:

    1. Reduced inflammation
    2. Improved range and movement
    3. Increased muscle tone and strength
    4. Reduces the need for OTC pain medication

    You don’t need to endure the constant setback of pain in your shoulder or elbow, let your chiro in Centurion Pretoria assist!

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