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Can Chiropractic Care Make Me More Flexible | Chiropractor Centurion

    Can Chiropractic Care Make Me More Flexible

    Can Chiropractic Care Make Me More Flexible | Chiropractor Centurion

    Having better range and flexibility goes a long way in being able to reduce injury and sprains from happening due to daily activity. Your Chiropractic Care in Centurion is able to assist in achieving better posture and range with treatment to make your muscles more flexible. Chiropractic can help improve flexibility which is important for mobility and range. Injuries often result in muscle stiffness and inflammation in the affected area. This is the way the body tries to heal the area that is hurt.

    Our bodies are built to function in some of the most complex ways and can maintain itself when looked after. However, sometimes when exposed to daily activities, it leads to muscles being strained because of overexertion for example prolonged standing or sitting. The best chiropractor in Lyttleton can assist you with the most suitable stretches to help your body perform at its best.

    How does a Chiropractic Care assist with flexibility?

    Chiropractic treatment works with a series of bone adjustments and stretches that helps to improve range for movement, mobility and reduces pressure on the joints. This also improves blood circulation which as a result improves blood oxygen within the muscles.

    Back pain is also alleviated with the professional help from your chiropractor in Centurion and when the body isn’t suffering from pain, being able to move about becomes easier, hence more range a flexibility.

    The benefits of being more flexible – Chiropractic Care

    Improving flexibility and range goes a long way to reduce the chances of sudden injury. Everyone is probably familiar with that “stretch” and sudden pain that result due to overstretching in order to reach something. For active people in sports, stretching usually forms part of their routine before and after a game. Some professionals also recommend warm-up exercises. These include cardio workouts to help the muscles get ready. Being more flexible helps with the following:

    • Reduces injury
    • Maintains good mobility and range
    • Reduces overall muscle and joint pain
    • It improves range
    • Stretches reduces the chances of becoming injured
    • It improves balance
    • Better sports performance

    When performing repetitive movements, it’s easy for the joints and muscles to undergo more strain.

    Some common injuries due to repetitive motion include but are not limited to:

    • Rotator cuff
    • Carpel tunnel syndrome
    • Tennis/golfers elbow

    You can learn how to do stretches that improve flexibility with chiropractic Centurion care

    Not only does stretching promote flexibility, but also helps to tone muscles resulting in a better- looking body with time and persistence. Yoga is a fantastic way to help improve balance, motion and range. Incorporating yoga stretches into your lifestyle even if you’re not an athlete can benefit.

    • Hamstring stretches (instep hamstring stretch, single hamstring stretch)
    • Hip flexour stretches
    • Pigeon stretch
    • Quadriceps stretch
    • Shoulder stretches for the upper body
    • Back stretches
    • Glute stretches
    • Child’s pose – this helps relieve back pain as it targets various muscles including the lumbar spine
    • Cat/Cow pose – this is another good stretch that targets the back muscles
    • Calf stretches – these stretches help to loosen up your calves/li>
    • Hip flexor stretches – this is exceptionally good for hip flexor strain

    Lifestyle changes can help to limit injuries and this can be beneficial for you in the long run. Visiting a chiropractor regularly can help you manage pain and reduce the use of pain reliever medication. Chiropractic can also help improve communications within your central nervous system. The central nervous helps with chemical balances and production. Thus, when the central nervous system is working at its best it may help to reduce respiratory conditions.

    It’s important to warm up the muscles before starting the stretches, with simple warm-ups including walking lunges, walking on one spot, leg swings and breathing properly throughout. Your professional chiro in Centurion will be able to advise of the stretches you’re able to perform on a daily basis and with that, help you improve flexibility.

    Chiropractic care is a great way to ensure that your joints, muscles, and body remain in its optimal shape to stay healthy and to promote balance. Whether you lead an active lifestyle or simply looking to ease your muscles due to work-related activities and strain, your chiropractor in Centurion, Pretoria can help you achieve this.

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