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Chiropractic Care Benefits for Babies After a C-Section

    Chiropractic Care Benefits for Babies After a C-Section

    Chiropractic Care Benefits for Babies After a C-Section

    Chiropractic care is not only designed for grownups and elderly folks, but for babies too. In this post, we will discuss how chiropractic in Centurion benefits your little one, especially regarding C-section births. The body is a complex creation, but it was designed to be self-sustaining in all ways. Fat is stored for energy use, hormones are re-released to instill adrenaline when our bodies need to move faster or we experience fear, endorphins to increase happiness and blood platelets to create scabs for healing lacerations. That being said, while the body is so smartly designed, sometimes when our spines are misaligned it results in other health issues.

    We will focus on C-section babies, as they are born in a way that natural birth babies aren’t. C-section births don’t give the baby the essentials they need when passing through the birth canal. Let’s delve into how a Chiro in Centurion can assist your baby who was born via C-Section

    Why does a C-section baby need Chiropractic Care?

    South Africa has a high rate of C-section births as many as 70%, which is a staggering number. Not all women are able to give birth naturally, sometimes complications result in an immediate C-section.

    All babies spines are misaligned after birth, whether natural or via C-section, and a misaligned spine can result in various other complications such as colic, discomfort, and nursing complications to name a few. The chiropractic methods used to treat infants even as early as newborns are completely different to the treatment used on adults.

    Benefits of taking your new baby to the best Chiropractor in Centurion

    There is a world of benefits when having your baby adjusted by a professional chiropractor, these include but are not limited to the following:

    • Reduces ear infection and earaches
    • Reduces acid reflux
    • Treats colic naturally
    • Lessen fussiness
    • Improves baby’s sleep
    • Improves nursing (baby is more comfortable while breastfeeding)
    • Improves baby’s immune system

    Chiropractic for babies after a c-section can help improve the following:

    Reflux– Reflux can cause discomfort and indigestion in babies. This results in crying and colicky behaviour. Chiropractic adjustments help to ease these symptoms.
    Better sleep – Chiropractic may help to improve the functions of the CNS. Through chiropractic adjustments, the body is able to produce enough melatonin to help induce sleep. Therefore chiropractic may help to also improve sleep in babies.
    Wellness: Chiropractic targets the CNS. The adjustments for babies may help reduce the chances of ear infection and allergies.
    Less fussiness – Spinal adjustments help the body manage pain and increases serotonin. For this reason, babies are less fussy and happier.
    Better at feeding time – Since your baby is feeling more relaxed and happy, mothers are able to nurse them with ease.

    For moms who had a c-section a skilled chiropractitioner can help

    As a bonus, chiropractic will also benefit a mom who had a new baby. Chiropractic is beneficial whether you’ve had a c-section or natural birth.

    Better sleep and wellness for mom
    Just as chiropractic helps babies nervous system to balance chemicals, so too can it help mothers. Mothers can feel more relaxed and sleep better as a result of this.

    Better posture
    During the 9 months in which the pregnant mother carries her unborn child, her posture changes.
    This happens because the body needs to accommodate the foetus in the womb. Spine adjustments an alignment is necessary after giving birth to improve posture. This is why chiropractic is very crucial soon after having a baby.

    Helps to manage back and joint pain
    With pregnancy come pain and more commonly back and joint pain. Chiropractic can help relieve back pain and improve motion and range. The same applies to joints as the stress of carrying a baby for nearly a year takes its toll on the joints. Chiropractic will help decreases the pain without having to rely on pain medication

    Chiropractic care in babies is a natural way to improve their immune system making it stronger against viruses and allergies. It also supports your baby’s nervous system with better function. At the end of the day, your baby will grow to be happier and manage to crawl, walk and teethe with fewer complications because they no longer suffer from subluxations.

    Speak to your professional chiropractor in Centurion and take a positive step to helping your baby live a happier, healthier life, naturally.

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    FAQ: Chiropractic Care Benefits for Babies After a C-Section

    How soon after C section can I get adjusted?
    You must wait for at least 6 weeks after operation

    Should babies get adjusted by chiropractor?
    Yes, getting your baby aligned is very important after your C-section

    Is chiropractic care safe for babies?
    Yes Chiropractic care is safe for babies

    Can Chiropractors Help Babies with reflux?
    Yes your Chiro can help babies with reflux

    Can you go to the chiropractor after giving birth?
    You should wait at least 6 weeks before you go back to the chiro after giving birth

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