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Understanding Tension Headaches

    Understanding Tension Headaches

    Understanding Tension Headaches

    Understanding Tension Headaches – Chiropractor in Centurion

    Tension headaches are the most common type of headache. It is estimated that 80% to 90% of the population suffers from tension headaches. The exact cause of these headaches are still under debate, however a few contributing factors have been identified.

    You can experience tension headaches either infrequently episodic( less than 1 headache per month and less than 12 per year), frequently episodic (more than 1 headache per month but less than 15 per year) or chronically (more than 15 headaches per month).

    The symptoms of tension headaches are usually felt on both sides of your head. You experience a mild to moderate squeezing type pain around your head. This headache is not aggravated with physical activity like walking or climbing stairs, but you might become sensitive to either light or sounds. Nausea and vomiting is not present. Tension headaches can last anything from half an hour to 7 days.

    The causes of tension headaches can include a wide variety of factors such as:

    • Cervical joint dysfunction
    • Stress
    • Lack of sleep or rest
    • Musculoskeletal pain and fibromyalgia
    • Prior neck injuries
    • Poor posture resulting in postural imbalances (especially desk posture)
    • Psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression

    The management of tension headaches is relatively simple. If the cause is psychological, simple stress reduction techniques, like meditation or breathing exercises, can be incorporated on a daily basis. For diagnosed conditions such as anxiety or depression, prescribed medication will help. If the cause is mechanical, being mindful about your desk posture will also help tremendously to lower the stress on your neck and lower back. Exercise will also help you postural muscles to become stronger. However, this might only help temporarily.

    If the cause is linked to cervical joint dysfunction, all the structures surrounding those joints will be affected. This includes the nerves, muscles and ligaments. Chiropractic treatment can help to correct the dysfunction and allow optimum functioning of the cervical joints.

    If you or someone you know suffers from tension headaches, give us a call today on 083 288 0679

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