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Understanding Cluster Headaches

    Understanding Cluster Headaches

    Understanding Cluster Headaches

    Cluster headaches are quite severe headaches that build up over a few days and then “explode” as a cluster headache. People who suffer from cluster headaches usually experience a high level of disability due to multiple daily attacks of severe pain. These headaches can be episodic or chronic, depending on the pain-free period between attacks. What is interesting about cluster headaches is the prominent involvement of the autonomic nervous system.

    Just like with migraines, cluster headaches can also be triggered by things such as alcohol, stress, bright lights, allergies or genetics.

    Symptoms of Cluster Headaches

    The symptoms of cluster headaches include severe drilling-type pain that is felt on the one side of your face around your eye and temple. The hallmark of cluster headache symptoms is the prominent association with your parasympathetic autonomic features like tearing of your eyes, nasal congestion, eye lid swelling, facial sweating or drooping eye lid, all on the same side as where the pain is felt. These attacks can last anything from 15 to 180 minutes.

    The management of cluster headaches mainly consists of restoring the communications of your nervous system by cervical spine manipulation as well as soft tissue work on the muscle spasms that might occur along with the headache. Avoidance of known triggers as well as certain medications will also help with the prevention and maintenance of cluster headaches. 5 Types of Headaches Explained

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