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Do you suffer from tennis leg? Here are the symptoms, pain, and treatment options


    Do you suffer from tennis leg? Here are the symptoms, pain, and treatment options

    Tennis leg is a painful injury as a result of a tear to the tissue inside the calf. This tear is often incomplete and thus only halfway down the calf. Despite mostly affecting only the calf, the injury is extremely debilitating often putting athletes out of play immediately. The tear may affect the “soleus” which is a deeper laying smaller muscle of the calf as well as the larger muscle aka “gastrocnemius.”

    This is an injury commonly experienced by tennis players, hence the name. These sports pros put pressure on their legs through sudden jumps and jolts to hit the ball. Sudden movements like this can lead to an injury.

    How does tennis leg injury occur?

    Tennis players legs are under pressure all the time. They rely on their legs to move swiftly and without preparation in trying to hit every ball passed their way. The competition is not only strenuous mentally but also physically. It is common for it to occur in patients over 35 years old.
    This injury frequently occur due to repetitive movements in sudden quick starts and stop causing strain and pressure on the lower legs. Oftentimes the injury is accompanied by a sounding “pop”, followed by excruciating pain.

    While the name suggests “tennis” one would think tennis leg is suffered by tennis players only when in fact, the injury can occur in many athletes. This is a typical sports injury and one often treated by professional chiropractors.

    What are some symptoms to watch out for?

    • Sharp burning pain radiating through the calf or lower part of the leg
    • The pain is compared to having been kicked in the calf
    • The pain makes it difficult to walk
    • Swelling in the calf region

    Treatment options for tennis leg

    If you are suffering from a leg calf injury, then it’s important to have it checked as soon as possible. There are many types of treatment options some include but are not limited to the following:

    Ice and elevation
    The injured person must make sure that they receive immediate care for the leg. The leg should stay elevated and ice applied to limit the swelling.

    Physical therapy
    Oftentimes patients need to undergo physical therapy to restore motion and proper function to their legs. There are various types of physical therapy to help treat patients suffering from a this injury. Physical therapy also includes leg exercises or a leg workout to target the injury. Some exercises may include heel lifts, a set of stretches, as well as cardio workouts.

    Chiropractic treatment
    Apart from pain medication, chiropractic treatment is often effective, safe, and non-invasive. It is one of the preferred choices to help on the road to recovery for various types of leg pain including that caused by playing sports. Chiropractors may also do a soft tissue mobilisation treatment.

    Pain medication
    Typically, doctors may prescribe an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen to help reduce the swelling and tackle the pain.
    A doctor would do a comprehensive examination of the injured leg and the examination may include x-rays, a leg MRI, and typically observing what areas of the leg is painful. In many cases, a patient will struggle to walk after the injury and it is one of the clear signs that the injury may be tennis leg related.

    What is the estimated tennis leg recovery time?
    For most patients, the average recovery time to heal from this injury is up to 6 weeks. However, this recovery time differs from one patient to the next depending on how bad the injury is. Prolonging the time to have an injury to the legs checked can risk more damage.

    How to prevent tennis leg injuries from occurring and recurring?

    Taking extra precautions before, during, and after a game is crucial to prevent recurring injuries. Sportspersons must adequately warm up their muscles through cardio workouts such as cycling and swimming. Doing stretches before playing any sport is also very important to prevent an injury.


    Contrary to belief, it’s not only tennis players who risk developing tennis leg injury, but also active sports people. Sometimes incorrect posture during work out sessions can also lead to all types of injuries that may need chiropractic treatment.

    While you could take pain killers, elevate your leg and put some ice packs onto the injury, getting long-term relief for the pain is more appropriate. Because chiropractic is focused on the musculoskeletal structure, it can greatly help with pain management and healing of this injury.

    FAQ – Tennis Leg

    What is tennis leg?
    As mentioned at the beginning of this post, “tennis leg” is an injury athletes often experience. It is a tear in the calf muscle known as “gastrocnemius” muscle or “leg triceps”. While injuries like this can happen to any active person, it’s more common in persons 35 years and older.

    How long does it take for tennis leg to heal?
    While everyone’s body is different, some patients experience a 6 weeks healing time, and others could heal in less time than that. The severity of the injury can also add to the healing period.

    How do you stop tennis a leg?
    A proper warm up before playing the game is one of the best ways to prevent tennis leg including other possible injuries.
    Cardio, along with stretches will help engage blood circulation and loosen up the muscles and joints. Your chiropractor Pretoria can help you with specific stretches for tennis leg.

    What is a plantaris tendon rupture?
    The plantaris is a muscle in the calf which joins to part of the gastrocnemius. When these muscles are ruptured it is known as a plantaris tendon rupture or “tennis leg”.

    What are the symptoms of tennis leg?
    Some patients will experience a sharp burning pain that extends from the middle of their leg and down their calf. Other patients have described it to a feeling similar to being kicked hard in the calf. A tennis leg injury will also result in inflammation (swelling) of the calf.

    Can a chiropractor in Pretoria help me with a tennis leg injury?
    Professional chiropractors are trained and experienced to address various types of injuries, sprains, and other conditions. Chiropractors will help their patients to adapt special stretches and exercises into their days as a means of physical therapy.

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