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    Back pain – Chiropractor Lyttelton

    Back pain can be devastating, debilitating and absolutely overwhelming – depending of course on the specific cause. Today Back pain has become so common that there are dedicated websites and clinics worldwide that specialises just in the management of backache. It’s become the second most common reason for missing a day at the office. Arrive Alive S.A even dedicated a page on their website to ensure professional drivers are aware of causes of back pain and its management while driving.

    Certain South African medical aids have gone as far as implementing very strict policies, and one in particular stipulates precisely how back ache treatment will be funded. These treatments are not only very costly but it can become a chronic expense which needs to be risk managed.

    what exactly is back pain and what are the causes – Chiropractor Lyttelton

    So what exactly is back pain and what are the causes? Simply put, your back consists of a combination of vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves spanning from the neck to the small back. It has to be flexible, strong and support upper body weight and movements like bending or twisting.  Back pain can appear on any level, basically identified as a stabbing or throbbing local pain. Movement is usually restricted, local muscle stiffness and back pain can be present after prolonged periods of standing or sitting and it may even present as pain radiating to the feet or knees.

    There are multiple causes for experiencing backache, but the most common ones are minor injuries including sprains and strains caused by something as simple as bad body posture. Usually a couple of Physiotherapy or Chiropractic sessions and some oral pain killers would be recommended. Should this however develop from an acute back pain (sudden onset, treatment lasts about a month) into a chronic back pain (repetitive or ongoing treatment of more than 3 months), you should consult a physician.

    Certain chronic back pains can have a more serious cause, especially if it’s accompanied by bladder dysfunction in which case immediate medical attention should be sought. But remember, if back surgery is recommended you should always get a second opinion.

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