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Chiropractic Treatment can Help Break your Reliance on Pain Medication

    Chiropractic Treatment Can Help You Break Your Reliance on Pain Medication

    Chiropractic Treatment can Help Break your Reliance on Pain Medication

    Pain medication, we’ve all used it, it seems to work when it does, but then that isn’t always the case is it? Pain medications tend to work temporarily and in some cases make things worse by creating a habit-forming reliance. Regular adjustments from chiropractic treatment will help you to manage and soothe pain whether suffering from arthritis, headaches or sprains.

    It always seems better to reach for the OTC meds to help manage pain, and while it may work to reduce the pain, the effects often wear off sooner than later. Some medications containing codeine can cause a terrible reliance, which only makes the problem worse. Habit-forming meds as mentioned earlier are huge culprits when it comes to recurring headaches or “roundabout” headaches as it’s sometimes referred to.

    Why your Chiropractic Treatment can Help to Manage Pain

    Chiropractic is not only a natural approach to health and wellness but is also customized to the individual’s health needs. It is also highly beneficial because it creates a custom program for the patient that includes stretches and exercises that will not only directly treat the pain but also improve wellness in the long run. Therefore, with regular adjustments, you can enjoy a long-term solution to pain relief.

    Safety in Chiropractic Treatment

    Professional chiropractors in Centurion Pretoria not only have years of experience, but the field has many years of study regarding techniques and the human body. By focusing on the Central Nervous System and musculoskeletal system, the patient’s body can improve function and performance, which leads to natural healing.

    Reconsidering the use of painkillers

    Painkillers have little to show when it comes to good health as they often bear bad side-effects and long-term use can cause various health concerns. Here are some of the reasons you should try to kick the use of pain medications:

    Disadvantages of using pain meds

    1. It can increase the risk of liver damage
    2. Anti-inflammatory medications can cause sudden bleeding in the stomach and stomach ulcers
    3. It can increase the risks of heart failure and stroke
    4. It can induce nausea and vomiting
    5. Causes allergic reactions
    6. It can lead to dependence

    Here are 8 reasons to get Chiropractic Treatment

    Chiropractic treatment is vital to maintain a healthy back, joints, and body. However, some issues cannot be ignored because at a later stage it could lead to other problems. Your chiropractor in Centurion can help you deal with joint, and muscle pain as well as benefit your overall health.

    1. Back pain
      Dealing with back pain can be extremely inconvenient and can put a damper on everything. Not being able to do daily tasks because of back pain really makes things a whole lot difficult. Seeing a chiropractor in Pretoria can help manage back pain.
    2. Neck pain
      Neck pain and even chronic neck pain isn’t great for anyone. If you’re suffering from neck pain, and it doesn’t seem to resolve in a few weeks then it’s time to see a chiro for help.
    3. Fatigue
      Did you know that chiropractic treatment could help alleviate fatigue? The body has an inherent ability to heal itself and since this is true, it is constantly working to heal itself. This can lead to fatigue and a sense of constant tiredness. Chiropractic can help alleviate the feeling of fatigue, and help you feel more revitalised.
    4. Sleeplessness
      Many patients suffer from sleeplessness and it often leaves you more tired the next day. Insomnia isn’t uncommon and oftentimes stress and not balancing your bedtime routine or eating late at night, all have an influence. Your trusted chiro in Centurion can help. Sometimes simply adjusting the spine sets the body into a better “form” leaving you more comfortable and relaxed.
    5. Stress
      Stress is one thing, but suffering from chronic stress can lead to various health problems. Chiropractic is focused on the spine and the health of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. When you’re stressed, it wreaks havoc on the nervous system and leads to panic attacks, chronic headaches, insomnia, and the list goes on. Aligning the spine helps the nervous system to can function at optimal.
    6. Accident injuries
      Sometimes car accident injuries have the tendency to only start “playing up” at a later stage. This can lead to joint pain, muscle pain, problems with posture and lots more. Early chiropractic care works like physiotherapy and can help reduce injury problems and the pain associated with it.
    7. Less use of pain tablets
      Pain associated with headaches, back pain, and neck pain usually resorts to over the counter painkillers. However, your chiropractor in Lyttelton Centurion can help your body manage pain through various chiropractic treatments.
    8. Chronic headaches
      Many people suffer from headaches; In fact, statistics by the World Health Organisation suggests that about 50% of adults in the world have suffered from “headache disorder”. Chiropractic treats the nervous system and regular adjustments can help alleviate headaches stemming from neck pain as well as improve stress on the nervous system.

    Don’t let pain limit your ability to enjoy your life to the full. Get the trusted help you need from a reliable Chiropractic Treatment, Give us a call TODAY

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