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Exercises For The Upper Back And Neck


    Exercises For The Upper Back And Neck

    Many injuries to the back and neck stem from our own bad habits. By improving the posture, we eliminate disorders and pain. You develop a proper posture if you restore muscle strength; this you do with everyday actions such as:

    • When you get up in the morning, do so without sitting up first. Roll onto your stomach and lie face down, then gently prop yourself up using your elbows. This stretches your back and relaxes it. Try to get out of bed without sitting up at all.
    • The way to stop upper back and neck pain is not to allow your head to hang forward when you are sitting, standing, or exercising.
    • When you work or read, do not look downward, keep you neck upright and straight, merely tip your head and keep the chin in. This way the weight of your head does not put strain on your upper spine.
    • It might be difficult at first but try to sit without rounding your upper back and shoulders.
    • Don’t arch the lower back when you try to improve your posture by pulling in the chin. The change in posture must be in your upper back, if your bend the lower back you will just create another problem by putting strain somewhere else.
    • Do you need a pillow under your head when you lie down on a solid surface such as a floor? If you cannot lie without a pillow, your forward head is already too tight.

    Chiros treat patients by mechanically manipulating the spine and other joints to loosen them up. In many instances, disks and vertebrae in the neck and upper back have been injured in accidents or other trauma.

    We are however our own worst enemy when it comes to bad habits. A disk does not degenerate because of a disease, but because we grind it and push it out of its rightful place with the way we allow our posture to deteriorate. Move and live in healthy ways and go all out to regain a healthy posture.

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