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Chiropractors – Appropriate For Babies


    Chiropractors – Appropriate For Babies

    Ever considered taking your baby to a Chiropractor but questioned the appropriateness of that decision? Then read on.

    A Chiropractor is a Primary Healthcare Practitioner that studied for 6 years at a University and from there had to gain practical experience first in someone else’s practice, before they could be registered and open their own practice. They focus on conservative and non-invasive diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal system disorders without the use of medication. Furthermore, they also focus on the effects that these disorders may or may not have on the function of the nervous system and its resultant effects on your body’s ability to heal itself. Chiropractic treatment is very manual and applied without the use of drugs, thus it’s an all natural and very cost effective treatment option.

    So which conditions can a Baby Chiropractor treat? The most common condition is infantile colic. The cause of colic isn’t yet known, but scientists believe that it has much to do with the birthing process. Regardless of the method chosen, your baby experiences trauma during the birth and the neck or back may get misaligned, affecting the baby’s digestive ability which then causes colic. To assist your baby to manage those painful cramps and uneasiness causing constant crying, the treatment ranges from advice on feeding positions, correct ways of carrying your child and developmental exercises, to gentle spinal manipulation and mobilisation. Don’t worry, your Baby Chiropractor won’t go too far with these – babies and children are much more flexible than adults and your Chiropractor in Centurion has been trained extensively on just how far they can go.

    Furthermore, Chiropractic treatments are also very effective for chronic ear infections or stiff necks and constipation. It can also help with those unexplained bed wetting episodes, the sleeping difficulties, the multiple growth pains and even headaches.

    Rest assured, your baby or child will be thoroughly assessed and examined at your first visit and if the Chiropractor established that he/she isn’t the appropriate practitioner to use, they will refer you accordingly.

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