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Chiropractic in Centurion


    Chiropractic in Centurion

    Chiropractic in Centurion uses the manipulation of the spinal cord in order to treat patients. The spinal cord and the brain are connected. They are the central nervous system and they are the ones that tell the body what to do. These instructions are both the ones you want your body to do and automatic ones such as breathing. One of the automatic instructions that chiropractors believe your body gives is to heal itself. Chiropractors believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself and that illness is caused when the body is unable to do this.

    The spinal cord is surrounded by bone and chiropractors believe these bones keep the spinal cord in proper working position. In fact, all of the body’s bones and the surrounding muscles and nerves are all interconnected. The body is made so perfectly that if anything is out of place, it will not be able to function properly and this causes illness.

    Chiropractic in Centurion aims to put those bones that are out of place in the right position. What they do is that they unlock the bone from the incorrect position and then leave it to go into the right position by itself. The bone knows exactly where it should be and so the chiropractor just unlocks it and leaves it to go into the right position alone.

    The unlocking is done by moving the joint past its usual range of motion till it reaches it maximum range of motion. When it reaches this maximum point, there will be a popping sound to indicate this. It may sound painful, but it is no and is actually gives a relieving feeling.

    There are other less forceful ways of treatment that the chiropractor can use. They also use gentle methods such as stretching a tight muscle or strengthening weak ones. A tight muscle may be causing the discomfort that the patient is feeling and so loosening it allows for better movement for the bone around the muscle. If a muscle is weak, strengthening it through exercises will make it stronger and more able to support the bones around it.

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