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Causes Of Lower Leg And Ankle Pain

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    Causes Of Lower Leg And Ankle Pain

    Chiros treat mechanical disorders in the human body. They concentrate on disorders of the spine but they also treat injuries to the neck such as whiplash. In fact, all joints and muscles can benefit from chiropractic treatment. Chiros study and train in detail for six years to qualify for a Masters Degree in Chiropractic.

    They consider the body as a whole when they examine and diagnose a condition. Chiros treat the cause of the discomfort and pain and not the symptom. As such, pain in the lower leg can be an inflamed sciatic nerve. The spine acts as the pathway for nerves that run from the brain to all other parts of the body. The brain controls and regulates the functioning of the body, its muscles, tissue, skeleton, and emotions and it sends messages via the spine. If vertebrae or disks have moved or twisted the nerve paths are disrupted and the body experience pain and irritability.

    A sports injury can be the cause of ankle pain or it can happen when you inadvertently twist your ankle while walking or running. The tendons are injured and inflamed. The chiro’s treatment involves stretching the foot to affect repair. He will also suggest exercises for you to use to strengthen muscles that support the ankle. Find out whether you wear the correct shoes and make sure you warm up before an exercise and allow your body to cool down afterwards.

    The sciatica nerve is a long nerve that runs all the way from the lower part of your spine, through your behind and ends at the leg and the foot. The chiro will treat the pain caused by this nerve by pressing at points on your spine to release irritability caused by the inflammation and to increase the joint movement.

    It might be necessary to make use of the services of other medical professionals and if medication or surgery is required, the chiro will refer you to the correct specialist. Take note of the advice and exercises that the chiro gives to you; it all works together for a better you.

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