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What is Chiropractic treatment in Centurion?


    What is Chiropractic treatment in Centurion?

    Chiropractic treatment in Centurion is the holistic approach to caring for ones body, muscles and tissue. This is an extensive form of holistic treatment that can relieve a persons back pain, migraines, sciatica and neck pain. Not only is this form of treatment successful for adults who live a stress filled life, it is also a highly effective and successful treatment for the care of infants who suffer from baby colic.

    The word “chiropractic” actually comes from the Greek word ‘Chiropraktikos’ meaning an effective treatment by hand. This is essentially what a chiropractor does, Dr Vicki Ferreira Chiropractor in Chiropractic has the ability to manually manipulate the body’s joints, tissues and muscles in order to alleviate pain. This is an holistic take on health care and also involves the adjusting of the spine, dry-needling, kineso taping and stretching and strengthening exercises. These are procedures that should not be painful but may come with an element of discomfort and tenderness which will pass quickly and give way to utter relief from pain.

    An experienced and skilful chiropractor has the ability to make a patient feel intense relief after just one chiropractic treatment. Whether a patient is suffering from migraines or back pain or neck pain, a chiropractor has the ability to aid in the relief of this pain. This treatment entails manual manipulation of the body or the spine and will help in restoring the optimal or maximum function of what is known as the ‘neuromusculoskeletal system.’

    The techniques that are commonly used by chiropractors include:

    1. Manual Manipulation
    2. Adjusting
    3. Dry Needling
    4. Kinesio Taping
    5. Stretching
    6. Strengthening

    These holistic techniques performed by an experienced and qualified chiropractor have the capabilities of alleviating symptoms such as:

    Chiropractic treatment is a drug free form of treatment for the body and a qualified chiropractor has the ability to holistically relieve you of tension, pains, aches and muscular agony. A chiropractor is a qualified Doctor and a big part of the health care profession. A chiropractor has the ability to diagnose, treat and prevent neuromusculoskeletal disorders with out the use of medication, operations or drugs.

    Visit the chiropractor for a safe, holistic and drug free approach to bodily care and muscular and skeletal health.

    What can a chiropractor do for you

    A chiropractor in Centurion has the ability to relieve you from severe migraines, back pain and sports injuries. This is a holistic approach to medicine and lower back pain treatment.

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