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Chiropractic Treatment: Benefits The Health Of Children

    Chiropractic Treatment: Benefits The Health Of Children

    Chiropractic Treatment: Benefits The Health Of Children

    Did you know that chiropractic treatment can benefit children just as it does adults? Of course, the treatment process and techniques are not the same for children as they are compared to adults and even babies for that matter. Your chiropractor can assist your child’s health through chiropractic treatment.

    How is my chiropractor able to help my child’s health through chiropractic treatment?


    This is something many people suffer from, right from birth, babies spines are misaligned. Adults and children suffer from the very same problem. Many things cause sublaxations and because your spine becomes misaligned, communication is no longer “clear” and your body reacts in a stressed manner, so instead of the nerves sending a continuous stimulation to your body, the stimulation comes through in drips-and-drabs and results in muscle spasms and pain.

    Some of the causes of subluxations in children – Chiropractic Treatment

    While subluxations in children may not commonly manifest as a backache and pain the way it sometimes does in adults, other factors may be prevalent. Some of the causes of the paediatric subluxations include:

      • Trauma (even as early as birth) or a few falls growing up
      • Incorrect sleeping positions
      • Mental stress related problems (household stress between parents, arguments, divorce etc)
      • Toxins (preservatives in food, second-hand smoke)


    Symptoms in paediatric subluxations will differ one from the other, but here are some of the symptoms of a misaligned spine in children:

          1. Restricted or stiffness of the neck
          2. Uneven shoulder height
          3. Their head may be tilted to one side
          4. Pain along the spine
          5. Restless or fussy babies and children
          6. Problems with feeding, especially breast feeding with a prevalence for only one breast.
          7. Balance problems when walking or running

    When a child suffers from a misaligned spine, it can lead to many irregularities.

    Your Chiropractor Centurion can assist with specified chiropractic treatment

    A trusted chiropractor who also specialise in paediatric chiropractic can assist by first examining your child and finding out some health history. The treatment process depends on the severity of misalignment as well as the health concern.

    Some benefits of treatment:

          • Improves sleeping
          • Improves the immune system
          • Improves behavior problems
          • Improved mental health
          • Improved learning and focus

    *Did you know that some of the health issues adults face can be traced back to long-term subluxations from childhood?

    Need to improve your child’s overall health? Get the expert help you need from your best chiro in Centurion.

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