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Chiropractors Can Treat Whiplash

    Chiropractors Can Treat Whiplash

    Chiropractors Can Treat Whiplash

    Automobile accidents can occur at any time, and the injuries can sometimes cause long-term damage to your body. Many people suffer from whiplash as a result of the rapid, and forced, back and forth motion as the car moves upon impact. Thankfully, your skilled chiropractor in Pretoria can assist. Neck injuries such as whiplash are very common in a motoring accident. This can cause severe pain and discomfort and needs to be treated as soon as possible. A skilled chiropractor in Centurion Pretoria is able to help and improve the healing process. 

    What is whiplash? An overview by a chiropractor in Centurion

    Whiplash is the term used to describe an injury of the neck and spine as a result of the head being thrust very quickly from front to back or side to side. This often happens in the case of a collision, but can also occur in contact sports. Whiplash is also known as neck strain and is primarily caused as a result of a motorcar accident during the impact of the vehicles.

    Symptoms of whiplash include but are not limited to:

    Due to the tears and abnormal stretches within your neck, severe pain occurs. Some of the symptoms include but are not limited to the following:

    • Stiffness and limited range as well as motion
    • Pain if you try to move your head from one side to the next or back and forth
    • Attempting to look over your shoulder is a pain (not metaphorically)
    • Headaches mainly from the base of the skull toward the forehead
    • Tenderness in the neck region
    • Numbness and tingling in the arms and hands
    • Fatigue
    • Dizziness
    • Server pain in the neck when trying to move the head

    A patient may experience the pain with immediate effect, and others may have a delayed pain reaction.
    In severe cases of whiplash, a patient may suffer a concussion, speech impediment, weakness, and nausea. These symptoms shouldn’t go unchecked and a visit to your doctor is important.

    Why is whiplash so bad?

    Whiplash can cause the vertebrae to become misaligned and this can cause terrible strain in the neck and shoulders. Even though the injury is mostly associated with the neck and spine, the pain can radiate causing headaches, as well as pain in the arms and hips in some cases.

    Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

    Your experienced chiropractor in Centurion deals with whiplash and many other subluxation related health concerns on a regular basis. The chiropractor will assess the extent of the injury as well as overview the patient’s overall health background. Thereafter a series of tests, as well as X-rays and scans will follow to determine how to deal with the injury and the best options.

    Some of the treatments may include manipulation and muscle stimulation, or relaxation. Your chiropractor will also suggest exercise to do at home in conjunction with the treatment at the practice. You may also be asked to undertake certain lifestyle changes.

    Regular breaks and stretches are imperative for patients whose work requires long-hours of one positioned seating.

    Are you’re located in Centurion and need effective chiropractic treatment? Feel free to consult your Chiropractor and receive professional consultation and treatment for your whiplash and subluxations.

    3 Points to treat Whiplash

    1. Chiropractic adjustments – These are effective at treating whiplash injuries because it tackles the spine. With the vertebrae aligned, the body can start to commence healing without having to cope with the pain and irregularities that a misaligned spine causes. The pain will also be relieved after some adjustments.
    2. Muscle stimulation and relaxation – These involves a series of specific stretches targeted to the problem areas and sometimes acupressure.
    3. exercise – some of the best chiropractors in Centurion may help the patient to perform certain exercises such as the “McKenzie Exercise”. This is focused on the back and spine by which the patient will be lying down to perform. These are also common in yoga (cow stretch, cat pose, sphinx`pose).

    Once you’ve learned how to stretch and exercise, you can continue to apply the regimen on your own in the comfort of your home.