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6 Ways To Minimize Aches And Strains: Tips from Dr. Vicky Ferreira

    Dr. Vicky Ferreira

    6 Ways To Minimize Aches And Strains: Tips from Dr. Vicky Ferreira

    Maintaining comfort and the ability to live a pain-free life can seem quite an impossible task, given the fact that we’re always physically busy. Injuries can occur at any time whether mild or severe and Dr. Vicky Ferreira can help to manage some of the pain.

    We’ve all been there, maybe you woke up one morning and feel your neck hurts so bad you can’t move your head. Or you’ve overstretched to reach something above your head and felt a physical creek or tear-like sensation in your torso or arm. Getting hurt happens all the time, but there are ways in which your chiro can help.

    6 Tips from your Chiropractic Centurion – Dr Vicky Ferreira

    1. Stretch daily: In order to improve range and flexibility, stretching on a daily basis will be very handy. With time, the body becomes more flexible and the muscles supple. You’ll gradually be able to reach further with a dedicated stretch routine in place.
    2. Sleep on your side: This may seem strange but the fact is sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs to support your hips will reduce strain on your lower back. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, as that will put immense strain on your lumbar spine.
    3. Exercise daily: Just like stretching, maintaining a daily exercise regimen will help to improve sleep at night as well as strengthen your muscles. With stronger muscles supporting your body movement functions, you’ll reduce the chances of injuries from occurring.
    4. Take breaks from the computer: If you must sit in front of the computer for work each day, the best bet would be to take breaks in between sessions. You must also make sure that you stretch before and during sessions to loosen tight muscles.
    5. Maintain good posture: Your posture plays a major role when it comes to those unforeseen aches that creep up on you at times. Bad posture results in pressure and overexertion of the joints and muscles, resulting in pain. Your posture needs to be correct whether standing, sitting or sleeping for that matter.
    6. Visit your chiropractor: A chiropractor offers an extensive health solution that will help to combat those annoying aches, strains, and pains you may be suffering from. With a comprehensive chiropractic solution that is non-invasive, safe, and benefits your overall wellbeing, why not start today?

    Are you looking for a better solution than OTC meds to help manage aches and pains? Book your consultation with Dr. Vicky Ferreira TODAY!

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