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Chiropractors Treating More Computer Related Injuries

With the start of lockdown level 5 in March 2020, our lives have changed drastically. Working from home, ordering groceries online, wearing a mask and limiting social gatherings have become our new normal. Chiropractors are treating more and more computer-related injuries from working longer hours, taking fewer breaks during the day, sitting incorrectly while workingRead more


Chiropractor For Costochondritis: Natural, Safe Treatment

Costochondritis causes inflammation and as a result leads to pain and discomfort within the chest area closer to the breastbone. It is a common occurrence caused by various possible factors mentioned in this post. There are treatment options to help manage the situation. You can visit a chiropractor for this treatment. What causes costochondritis? ItsRead more

Osteopath VS Chiropractor

Osteopath VS Chiropractor: Treatment similarities and differences

When it comes to alternative medicine, you’ll find a variety of options and each having specialised techniques for treatment. The same applies to chiropractors and osteopaths. While they do share some similarities, this article will help you understand the differences and the treatment types. Osteopaths and chiropractors look after the health of your back (spine)Read more

Spinal Decompression Therapy: Chronic Back Pain

Spinal decompression therapy is often the course of action when a patient is experiencing chronic back pain. There is more than one way to achieve pain relief for constant and even chronic pain. Many times severe pain can be debilitating which leads to everything else being harder to focus on. Getting treatment sooner than laterRead more


Myofascial Release Therapy to Help You Manage Pain

Myofacsial pain is common in chiropractic patients. This is one of the reasons chiropractic therapy is often the choice when dealing with these types of pain. Typical examples of myofascial pain locations include the back, neck and other muscular parts of the body. Because the myofascial tissue covers large areas including connective tissue and muscle,Read more


Treating Upper Back Pain With Chiropractic: How a chiro can help!

Chiropractic is a complexed medical process but it offers an alternative solution to conventional treatment. Your chiropractitioner will help you get custom-treatment suited to your condition or injury. Book your appointment and let a trusted medical professional help you today. What is upper back pain and how does a chiropractitioner treat it? Upper back painRead more


Joint Restrictions: is your spine moving the way it should?

Joint restrictions often occur with age but sometimes, poor posture and lifestyle influences cause it to develop even at a younger age. The misalignment of the spine can lead to joint and other muscular injuries. A professional chiropractor will examine the patient and customize a treatment program. Your trusted chiropractor Pretoria will speak to youRead more

Back and Muscle Functions

Importance of Your Back and Muscle Functions from your chiropractor Dr. Vicki Ferreira

Back pain in any form or intensity can restrict you from being able to go about your daily tasks. If you suffer from back pain and need help alleviating the severity and a long-term no drug solution, then visiting a chiropractor will greatly benefit you. What causes back pain and will a specialist chiropractor beRead more

Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe After Surgery

Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe After Surgery

As part of rehabilitation, patients often need to commence physio of some sort to get their body back into motion. Surgery can take its toll and can put a setback on the way the muscles perform and for this reason; exercise is part of the healing process. Your chiropractor can help you on your courseRead more

Hip Flexor Strain

Hip Flexor Strain: How a Professional Chiropractor can help YOU!

Hip flexor strain is a common injury; in fact, many chiropractors treat patients with this injury. In this post, we talk about how this injury happens and how to avoid it. What is hip flexor strain? Your hip flexor muscles are the collective muscles used to lift your knees toward your torso. They consist ofRead more