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Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe After Surgery

    Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe After Surgery

    Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe After Surgery

    As part of rehabilitation, patients often need to commence physio of some sort to get their body back into motion. Surgery can take its toll and can put a setback on the way the muscles perform and for this reason; exercise is part of the healing process. Your chiropractor can help you on your course to recovery with specific exercises suited to your needs. A skilled chiropractor is able to help you maintain good posture, manage pain and be on your way to an ache-free lifestyle.

    Can a chiropractor help me after surgery?

    In the past, chiropractic treatment for patients post-surgery was avoided; however, recent studies have shown it to work in favour of the patient. While there are standardized treatment options to help patients recover and get back on their feet, chiropractic adjustments can help with pain management and improve the way the nervous system responds.

    Some Randomized Control Trials have shown chiropractic to improve respiration and lung capacity after a sternotomy. Patients don’t need to stay as long in hospital as they would without chiropractic treatment and the pain is reduced. With better pain management, the patient may not have to rely on pain medications such as anti-inflammatories, which will at the end of the day risk heart attack and kidney damage post-surgery.

    In the case of spinal surgery, chiropractic adjustments also help to alleviate pain, however, there may be a waiting period before starting treatment.

    Before performing any treatment or exercise, it’s important to consult with your chiropractor

    Minor surgery procedures
    Minor surgery procedures can receive immediate treatment from your professional chiropractor.

    Major surgery
    After major surgery, one has to take precautions as to how the treatment will commence. A special treatment plan arrangement with your chiropractor and your specialist doctor is put in place to ensure safety and precaution.

    If you’ve had surgery of any kind, it’s of utter importance that you speak to your doctor or specialist as well as chiropractor so that both of them are on the “same page”. Thereafter, as mentioned a bit earlier, treatment begins in accordance with the patient’s needs and bearing their surgery in mind.

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