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Hamstring strain and advice on how to treat it Chiro in Centurion Treatment

    Hamstring strain and advice on how to treat it Chiro in Centurion Treatment

    Hamstring strain and advice on how to treat it Chiro in Centurion Treatment

    Active people and athletes are highly prone to experience a hamstring strain at some point. The important thing to remember is how to properly take care of it and get back to your fit self as soon as possible. In this post, we give you some pointers regarding hamstring strains. If you’re suffering from the same injury or simply looking to improve pain management without using pain medication then the chiro in Centurion can assist

    What is a hamstring injury?

    Your chiro in Centurion will advise that this is quite a hard injury and can be very difficult to deal with. The hamstring consists of three muscles in total (bicep feromis, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus). These muscles are located behind your thigh and are responsible for hip and thigh flexor movement hence assists with walking.

    Types of hamstring injuries

    • A mild pull or strain – this is classified as a grade 1 strain
    • A partial muscle tear – this is classified as grade 2
    • A complete muscle tear – this is a grade 3 injury

    The severity of the injury will determine the type of rehabilitation and the duration of healing. With that being said, healing time can take from a few weeks to months.

    What causes hamstring injuries?

    Your chiropractor in Centurion, Pretoria can help you to reduce injuries, but first, you need to know how they happen in the first place.
    An injury results due to the muscle being overworked and overstretched, this can happen during sudden sprinting, lunges and jumping actions. However, they can also occur mildly during gradual activities that do not require the same amount of exertion. The injury can cause pain, bruising, tenderness, swelling and difficulty moving the injured leg.

    Your chiro in centurion can assist with treatment for your Hamstring strain

    While you should rest and sometimes using ice packs can help, the pain is an issue as well as being limited in movement. Chiropractic has a series of suited exercises and stretches that can help improve and speed up the healing process. Visiting a chiropractor is safe and the treatment does not pose risks the way over the counter pain medication would.

    Are you suffering with a hamstring injury? Your chiropractor in Centurion can assist you.

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