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How To Treat Head And Face Injuries


    How To Treat Head And Face Injuries

    Sports activities can lead to head and facial injuries. A ball that hits the upper face of a player can cause injuries such as nosebleeds or a broken nose and when the ball hits an eye double or blurred vision can occur. Signs of bone fractures in the face are bruising, swelling, and numbness in areas like the lips or cheeks. A hit to the lower face can result in a broken jaw and you can lose teeth. Nasal injuries can cause difficulty in breathing and the shape of the nose will change. It is essential that air passages should be restored.

    Neck injuries should always be treated as serious for fear that a person can be paralysed. Neck injuries can affect the oesophagus, the larynx and nerves and joints.

    The throat is unprotected from the front and the nerves, cartilage and muscles of the larynx can be damaged. If the cartilage is dislocated and swelling occurs, the person may have difficulty breathing.

    Any good chiropractor will tell you that you are far better off if you can prevent sports injuries to the head and face. Warm up before you go out to play a game and wear the right protective gear to the face and other body parts. Enforce the rules in a contact sport and make sure the playing field is free of obstacles.

    Chiros see many whiplash (cervical sprain) patients. When a player tackles an opponent in a sport such as rugby, the head snaps back and injures the neck disk, vertebrae or tissue. Major tissues in the neck tear and this restricts motion and cause pain. Pain often only manifests the following day. With a whiplash condition, the player sits on the bench for about four weeks.

    Chiropractors treat many sports injuries. After an examination, they suggest a series of treatments and they advise on behaviour to hasten recovery. They will tell you how to strengthen muscles to support the injured part and avoid future injuries; they also advise on a healthy lifestyle and diet.


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