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How To manage Repetitive injury With Chiropractor Treatment


    How To manage Repetitive injury With Chiropractor Treatment

    Repetitive injuries occur in many patients. Sometimes even when practising proper posture and lifting, some injuries are hard to avoid and are more lifestyle-related. Seeking help from your Centurion chiropractor will help you manage your problem.

    What are repetitive injuries treatment is there?

    Repetitive injuries are probably one of the most common to affect patients from all walks of life. They are also known as RSI or “Repetitive Strain Injuries” as well as “Repetitive Stress Injuries” They are called “repetitive” because they are indeed reoccurring. They occur for various reasons as already mentioned some being lifestyle-related.

    Causes for repetitive injuries

    As mentioned before lifestyle factors may result in repetitive injuries. Examples of RSI include but are not limited to an office space that doesn’t allow good ergonomics. Manual labour jobs such as plumbing, carpentry, and painting can lead to repetitive strain injury. It may come as a surprise, but RSI may also be as a result of text messaging. Some patients suffer from “text neck” and others experience hand and wrist injuries.

    Common types of repetitive injuries

    There are many types of repetitive injuries, but the most common include but are not limited to the following:

    Symptoms of repetitive injuries

    Some RSI symptoms include swelling and tenderness in the part of the body being exposed to the injury. Other symptoms include loss of strength and grip.

    Treatment may include:

    • Soft tissue therapy
    • Exercise and stretches
    • Manual therapy

    You may be asking yourself “can a chiropractor help with flexibility?” and the answer to that is yes! When your muscles are supple and strong, you’ll be able to reach and be more flexible. Being more flexible reduces the chances of developing injuries. A professional Centurion chiropractor can help you develop certain stretches to increase flexibility.

    What will Centurion chiropractor prices cost?

    When it comes to rates and costs, medical aid may cover certain treatments at the selected medical rates as per provider. Cash prices for chiropractic treatment in Centurion will vary from doctor to doctor. Have you spoken to a Centurion chiropractor about your repetitive injury? Book your RSI appointment with us TODAY. Check out our FAQ for more answers


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