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    Welcome to Dr. Vicki Ferreira’s Website, Chiropractor in Laudium

    Dr. Vicki Ferreira has just opened up her 2nd practice in the suburb of Laudium. She is passionate about helping people achieve their best health and that is why she provides quality treatment to the whole family including babies and pregnant mommies. Her special interest lies in treating babies because they are so fragile when they are first born but also have an immense amount of potential for growth. Dr. Ferreira studied at the University of Johannesburg where she qualified with a Master’s degree in Chiropractic

    Finding a chiropractor in Laudium can be hard, but with Dr. Vicki Ferreira you know that the treatment will be of the best quality and she has experience working with babies and pregnant mommies

    If you are looking for the best Chiropractic treatment in Laudium, look no further than Dr. Vicki Ferreira. All bookings are made online. Book your next treatment with Dr. Vicki Ferreira today

    • Tailor-fit treatment for you and your family
    • Caring, quality specialist
    • Provides quality treatment
    • Affordable rates
    • Family-oriented, good quality Chiropractic treatment.

    The Laudium practice address is:  272 18th Ave, Medical Suites on 18th, Laudium and will be open Tuesday from 13:00-1600 and Thursday from 09:00-12:00. We accept most medical aids

    Specialist Chiropractor in Laudium

    Dr. Vicki can help as a specialist in:

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